The Coronavirus and the Stock Market.

Fear can can cause us to make a lot rash decisions. A rush to the grocery store to stock up on toilet paper and food. A quick sell off of an investment that was never intended to be sold because…



I wrote this song based on the idea of God's steadfast and undying love contrasted with my love that sways and wavers and never remains constant. 

A pretty basic concept in theory. But what's hard to put into a 3-minute…


The Risky Road To Success

I'm terrified of risks. 

But there are smart risks and dumb risks. 

The risk it costs me to approach an unknown director and let him know I score movies is much much lower than the risk of jumping out of…


To Have Prestige Or Not

A budding musician once came up to me and ask my advice if she should go to Berklee College of Music. I asked her why she wanted to go. She said that she wanted to become a working Pop singer…


My Tarnished Lobe

Once, at the end of a show, an older woman came up to me, pulled my head down (she was only 4 feet 8 inches tall) and then proceeded to bite my right earlobe. 

Apparently, she loved the show so…


12 Notes

As a musician I rely on exactly 12 notes to create the music that I hear in my head. With these twelve notes I can create beautiful melodies or stack them to make wonderful harmonies. Not one note is more…


Quantity vs. Quality

Some time ago my wife had read about a social experiment where a group of scientists had separated a group of volunteers into two groups. In the first group, the volunteers had been asked to create a piece of artwork…



When it's time to know you'll know it. And if you don't know it, you'll know it after the fact. And by that time it’ll be too late. 


The Dangerous Road to Perfect

As a musician I suffer from perfectionism. Every day is a battle to make something so perfect that it sometimes inhibits me from even creating.

The thing about perfection is that it's really just a ruse to keep from being…