Eric Harper Live @ The Port Theatre

The Port Theatre, 125 Front Street, Nanaimo

Award-Winning Flamenco Guitarist Eric Harper creates not only a unique sound all his own but his music is melodically entrancing, virtuosically ferocious and harmonically soul-stirring to the core.

Adults $45 | Members $40 | Live-streaming $12

Eric's song 'Rain' is an AMAZING single!”

— Rainn Wilson from The Office

Eric plays straight from the heart.”

— Josh Gennings

Enjoy award-winning musician Eric Harper and his fiery Flamenco guitar. Highly engaging performances involving audience participation, improvisation and writing tunes on-the-spot. The music and often hilarious stories are about his travels throughout the world. From the US to Portugal, from Spain to Israel, From Switzerland to China and back to the US to Canada. Eric's mischievous mix of storytelling, singing, and virtuoso guitar-playing, make concert experiences an inspiring performance of the human spirit.”

— Longevity John