When You Pray

When I pray I'm asking for something outside of my control. I can control my emotions. I can control my thoughts and I can control my own personal actions. But many things lie outside of that control. I can't control the spread of this novel Coronavirus except by staying home and not engaging in social interactions. I can't cure it. I can't come up with a vaccine and I certainly can't tell my neighbor or anyone how to behave during these times. 

This is what prayer is for. It's a call for assistance for things that lie outside the boundaries of our control and personal power.  

I never knew that when I wrote my song "Cura" back in 2001 it was going to become so poignant to today's circumstances. My friend Elika Mahony loved it so much that she offered to sing with me on the song. And the result was truly moving. 

For everyone praying for health and healing let me join your efforts by sharing this musical prayer.