When Is Enough...Enough?

Long before the Coronavirus and people's rush to nab up as much toilet paper as possible we've been hoarding stuff. This is nothing new. 

There are close to 50,000 self-storage units in the US alone. That's a lot of space just to hoard stuff.

A 4th of the space of our houses are dedicated just so our cars won't get wet. Or the garage is used to store more stuff.

Got an extra room? No problem. Put some stuff in there. 

I even saw a couple who bought a separate house just to house their doll collection. (Insert shock emoji)

With countries becoming more and more wealthy the drive to buy more stuff becomes the next thing people do with their extra income. And it seems rarely are the questions asked

"Do I have enough?" 


"Is there someone that maybe doesn't have enough?" 

When income is threatened then our the immediate instinct is to make sure we're safe by having shelter, food, water and supplies.

After that it's to sell off the stuff we never use so we have more cash. (Ironic since we never used the stuff before anyway.)

The next thing that happens is that once we all see we're in this together and that no one has enough then (and this is not a straight line) you'll start to see small pockets of communities, your neighbors, your friends, your family, etc. come together and ask "Do you have enough?"

But, this can and will only happen if everyone learns the necessary lesson that we're all affected by this and the only solution to this problem can only be a collective one. 

Instead of waiting for it to get to that point how about we all start asking now "How can we help everyone have enough?"

As the legendary and insightful George Carlin once said:


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