Food For Thought

Back during World War II, Poland was forced to eat more of a plant-based diet. None of the meats and heavy foods that they usually ate were available in such an impoverished time. Consequently, their rates of cancer were drastically reduced to almost nothing during those years. When the war was over they went back to their previous ways of eating and the cancer rates increased. 

When my wife went to the grocery store today she saw that a lot of the food was gone but what was left was all the produce. Tons of it, in fact. Interesting what turn of events are happening right now. It seems we're headed more and more in the direction to eat a plant-based diet as it could very well be the only option.

As for us, we've been cooking every day and getting really creative with plant-based recipes. Not that we're against eating meat. We're just not eating as much of it. But what we have noticed is an increase in our energy and vitality as our paradigm is gradually shifting.