12 Notes

As a musician I rely on exactly 12 notes to create the music that I hear in my head. With these twelve notes I can create beautiful melodies or stack them to make wonderful harmonies. Not one note is more important than the other. They each have a role and a function and missing one would make the music sound somehow empty and lacking. 

To me, all of humanity are like these twelve notes. Each one distinct and lovely in its own way. And together having the possibility of creating the most wonderful harmony. 

When the talk of war is raised its as if one note was saying we must rid the world of another note. As a musician, there is no rationale in this. We cannot make beautiful music with only one note. We cannot make wonderful harmonies without all the notes. Every note is precious. Every note is unique. Not one is superior to the other. 

If at times the state of humanity seems a little confusing, remember we’re all just notes in the same universal music.

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