Who Are Open Mics For?

Open mics lead to shaky nerves. The reason is because you're not playing for fans at an open mic. You're playing for other musicians who are waiting for their own 15 minutes of glory. That can add to the pressure…


Happy Mother's Day

A great deal of who I am is largely due to my mom. I was on a clear trajectory as a teenager to become the next Joe Satriani or Steve Vai with a twist of Metallica and Iron Maiden. I…


The 2nd Phase?

We are now at the stage in our quarantine that you will begin to see people arguing fervently to "open up" their countries. People will post convincing arguments on both sides. One will argue for and one against. I think…


Childhood Trauma

I grew up in what was rated the "worst state to be raised in in America" according to Albuquerque Journal. From the age of 8 to 15 I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For me, those were the days…


Small Changes Change Environment

The impulse to focus on the negative during these times is a strong one. So much of what is around us in the media, in the news and even suggestions from Netflix is an almost never-ending stream of pessimism. It…


When You Pray

When I pray I'm asking for something outside of my control. I can control my emotions. I can control my thoughts and I can control my own personal actions. But many things lie outside of that control. I can't control…


To Have Faith

To have faith one must have vision of the future and knowledge of the past. 

To better reduce one's anxiety about today's circumstances one simply can look to previous relatable circumstances. 

Whether you look at the Spanish Flu which took…


Integration and Disintegration

In nature and throughout the universe things are either in a state of integration or disintegration. Things are either growing or dying. And as humans we can choose which side we want to be on. We can choose the stagnant…


True Nobility

“Anybody can be happy in the state of comfort, ease, health, success, pleasure and joy; but if one will be happy and contented in the time of trouble, hardship and prevailing disease, it is the proof of nobility.” - 'Abdu'l-Bahá


Food For Thought

Back during World War II, Poland was forced to eat more of a plant-based diet. None of the meats and heavy foods that they usually ate were available in such an impoverished time. Consequently, their rates of cancer were drastically…


We Are All Created Noble

You can get caught up in all the news. Or the buzz feeds on your Facebook. It's always the loudest, the angriest and the most radical person who gets our attention. But then what? Now they have us terrified and…


A Moving Quote

Sometimes all is needed is a relevant and moving quote:

"However difficult matters are at present, and however 

close to the limits of their endurance some sections of societies are brought, humanity will 

ultimately pass through this ordeal, and it…