The Deathbed Review 

Old people who are dying on their deathbeds have two advantages:

1. They know with certainty that they're going to die very soon.

2. They have the opportunity to stop and reflect back on their lives and ask the question "Did I live a good life?"

With the appearance of the Coronavirus the entire global community immeshed with the fear of dying. And if that wasn't enough then the oncoming recession will compound that fear. 

But what if we took stock of our lives now instead of waiting for our deathbeds?  What if we asked the question now "Am I living a good life?" Or am I living a life that's just getting by? Am I just trying to survive each day until I get out of this meat sack?

We have one benefit people on their deathbeds don't. It's that the chances of us actually dying right now are statistically very low. 

So if instead of reacting to this new virus how about we rather bring ourselves to account now? And try to make today better than the yesterday.

This is an amazing opportunity for us all. Because from this point forward the status quo is over. How will we transform our lives and the lives around us?

Yes, death has an influence that no boss or cultural pressure or status quo can ever have. Death can free us to stop doing what we think is important for what's really most important.

If you can't imagine yourself laying on your deathbed as an old person saying the words "I've lived a good life" then this is the time to reevaluate what you're doing and make a change. 

Never in the history of humanity has there ever been a better time to make things better.



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