I wrote this song based on the idea of God's steadfast and undying love contrasted with my love that sways and wavers and never remains constant. 

A pretty basic concept in theory. But what's hard to put into a 3-minute song is the idea of something that is constant while I, the inconsistent observer, am witnessing this quality of steadfastness and saying to myself "I want to be like that". 

It's the green musician who sees the master and thinks "I want to be like that". It's the inexperienced marketer who sees Seth Godin and thinks "I want to market like that." It's the untrained athlete who sees the determination and focus of Terry Fox and thinks "I want to be unstoppable like him." Or it's the inarticulate orator who sees a great TED talk and thinks "I want to move audiences like her." 

We're all at a point in our lives where we're in some state of potential and wanting to move to a state of mastery. Whether we're photographers, mountain climbers, authors, doctors in med school or mothers trying to unravel the mystery of getting their child to eat their vegetables when all they want is mac and cheese. 

The solution here is very simple: To find an example of the thing you wish to become. For me, that was Vicente Amigo. Greatest Flamenco guitarist in the world (at least in my opinion). He was my guitar "god" that embodied all the musical qualities I wished to manifest. 

Who is your self-mastery "god"? Who is the person or the thing that is the example of the internal transformation you wish to become? 

For anyone on the path to self-mastery of any sort this song is for you. 

Happy listening.


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